Street Parking

Post date: Jun 20, 2019 11:47:42 PM

Sherwood Estates homes were built with single or double parking garages and therefore we tend to have a lot of street parking. For the safety of your vehicles, and children playing, we are providing you a summary of the Kansas City Ordinance(s) that govern parking.

KCMO Ordinance 931216 and 971346 (summary)

Vehicles parked on the street must be:

· 4' from any driveway

· 20' from crosswalk

· 30' from yield, stop sign, or signal

· Tires parallel to curb, within 12" of curb.

· Not on the grass or easement.

· Pointing in the direction of traffic flow.

· Allow 10' of roadway free for movement of traffic.

· License plates not expired for more than 30 days.

· Running condition (tires aren't flat, etc.)

· Not being serviced (ongoing repairs)

Vehicles parked in driveways must be:

· 24" from nearest edge of sidewalk, if present, otherwise 24" from nearest edge of curb.

Trucks, trailers, campers, motor homes, etc.

· Street parking limited to 2 hours. Only exception is trucks under 20 feet and less than 12,000 gross vehicle weight.

· If parked in the driveway, must be 11' from nearest edge of sidewalk or curb.

· Boats, jet ski, all-terrain vehicles must be on a trailer and no more than three units on a single trailer.

If you feel like there is a violation in your area, contact 311.