Spring 2014 Chipper Day is May 5th

Post date: Mar 23, 2014 3:08:25 AM

This service is being provided by your Sherwood Estates Home Association and it is NOT the city pick-up. Therefore the rules are different:

•Do NOT bundle, tie up, or bag your branches or limbs.

•No leaves or construction materials accepted.

•Cannot chip anything larger than 4" diameter.

•Brush and limbs should be to the curb by 7am; Monday, May 5th *

If you need assistance, or have an elderly/disabled neighbor that have limbs in their yard, please ask a neighbor or family member to assist in getting the items to the curb by the deadline. If your pile is small, please combine with your neighbors to help with the overall expense.

Don't miss this valuable service!

*Brush and limbs can be placed on the curb the weekend prior to our chipper day. Please do not put your debris out prior to that weekend.