May 2013: Reported Crimes in Sherwood Estates

Post date: May 24, 2013 2:34:46 PM

Crime Prevention is not solely the job of the Police Department - there would never be enough officers to watch everything at once before it happens. But citizens and businesses, in partnership with the police and other government officials, can make it much more difficult for criminals to pull off their schemes. All criminal activity requires three things: a desire to do the crime, an opportunity to commit the crime, and the ability/target to perform the crime. Without any one, the 'tripod' cannot stand. *

Your Sherwood Estates Homes Association (SEHA) Board Officers and Directors monitors crime within Sherwood Estates and our surrounding neighborhoods during each monthly board meeting. Normally the reported crime activity is very low but during the month of May we’ve seen a trend of home break-ins; with another theft reported late yesterday along Chouteau Drive. Earlier this month there were home break-ins reported along Chouteau Drive and Cleveland Ave. Dates, time, and additional information can be found at You can also sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly email alerts from this website.

We do not want to alarm our residents but want to keep you informed of activity within our neighborhood.

*Kansas City Police Department Website