Board Director Candidates

Post date: Nov 8, 2013 6:55:29 PM

Our Sherwood Estates Homes Association (SEHA) Annual Meeting will be held at 7pm December 12th in the Community Hall/Office. One of our tasks will be to elect new Board Directors for a one and two year term. Our by-laws mandate that candidates must be current on their dues, not have an unresolved property violation, must be the homeowner and reside in Sherwood Estates.

If you meet these requirements and would like to serve on the board, please email ( or call the office (816-214-6848) before 11/22/2013. We need your name, address, and a brief bio or reason that you would like to serve on the board.

If you are not familiar with the duties of the board director role; our mission is to maintain appealing property values through compliance of our association restrictions plus promote a spirit of community with our residents. We do this through:

•Monitor compliance with city ordinances and our SEHA declarations and restrictions.

•Collection of annual dues and filing liens, when necessary.

•Determine how funds will be spent in accordance to our planned budget.

•Keep residents informed and up to date on activities or events within our community.

•Organize annual events such as dumpster and chipper day.

•Contract vendors such as snow removal, mowing, and other contracted services.

As with any volunteer position --- it is what you make it! However, it is always rewarding and the payback is that you are contributing to the wonderful neighborhood that you live in.