"Your neighbor is the man who needs you."

posted Apr 29, 2013, 5:04 PM by Sherwood Estates
The above quote is from American Writer Elbert Green Hubbard (1856-1915).
This is our third and final request for volunteers for Saturday's Dumpster Day (May 4th) 8am to noon. This event is always very popular for our residents and the proof is the FULL dumpsters -- normally filled before the noon deadline.
We need a total of 16 volunteers and have only a handful (literally, we can count them on one hand). Just so you know what you might be getting yourself into...here's what your day could look like:
A board member is meeting the dumpster delivery driver at 47th Terrace/Collage Ave and 48th Terrace/Sherwood Drive prior to 8am.
Starting at 8am (at each dumpster location);
One volunteer will have a list of Sherwood Estates Homeowners so we can verify that the person using the service lives in Sherwood (renters are permitted with proof of a Sherwood address). This position does not require any physical activities other than standing with a clipboard (I guess you could sit, if necessary).
Another volunteer will monitor that we are not putting prohibited items into the dumpster (yard waste, Tv or monitors, printers, appliances, paint, oil, tires or hazardous waste. This was outlined in our earlier email.) Again, the only physical activity is to stand, look and say "no" when needed.
Two additional volunteers will assist the resident unload their vehicle (if they desire) and properly put the items in the dumpster. Basically this means that the items are placed for maximum use...as we stated earlier -- the dumpsters fill up!
Volunteers can stay as long as they wish but we ask that you stay for at least one hour, if possible.
Please call, email, stop by, or just show up on Saturday between 8am and noon if you can assist. We certainly could use your help this year.