Federal Stimulus Funds

posted May 17, 2012, 7:32 PM by Sherwood Estates

Several Sherwood Estates residents have taken advantage of a recent Department of Energy grant to the City of Kansas City, administered by EnergyWorks KC. Sandi Garrison, EnergyWorks KC representative for the Northland, met with the Sherwood Estates Block Captains and outlined the program and outlined the steps to take to obtain rebates, financial incentives and low interest loans.

If you are interested in pursuing this further, please contact them at 816-531-7283 or visit
 They will arrange for an energy audit from the Metropolitan Energy Center and then navigate the subsidy process for you.

Some of our surrounding neighborhoods are reporting that outside contractors are using this program to generate business for their companies. Please be aware that this federal stimulus money is only available through EnergyWorks KC and you should be wary of anyone charging you for inspections or other services.

Marcus Smith, our KCPD Neighborhood Advocate, spoke at the NNI “Cop Talk” session and recommended the following points:

·         beware of letting door-to-door salespersons into your homes,

·         use caution with using out-of-state companies,

·         verify their credentials with the Better Business Bureau,

·         ask them for some personal ID, with picture and address; write down some names & numbers, license plates, etc.

Lastly, always remember to submit your exterior alterations for approval by the Sherwood Estates Homes Association Board prior to getting improvements to your property.